Friday, 27 June 2008


For HS-MS today I'm using the best Ebay find ever!
Can - A metal containerWhen me and Tel first got together I bought him a signed Kurt Cobain picture for his birthday which was pretty special, but for christmas I wanted to get something pretty unique too.
When he opened this up He looked at me puzzled!!! 'Erm why have you bought me a mashed up lager can?'

Well tonight you'll see why, so once the lights were dimmed, out come the tea light and hey presto, Kurt Cobains face appeared!!! Bloody fantastic if you ask me - I think Tel was in shock cause he just kept staring at it!!! He loved it by the way... :)
Tonight I'll have to try to remember to take a photo of it!

Busy finishing off my write up for my next project over at ECP and making teachers cards in advance - just thinking about what to make them as an end of year pressie!


  1. This is way cool.Somehow I had never been over to your site. love the the flowers made from what I think is scrapbooking papers? were they pins?

  2. Thanks for explaining that! I had no clue at what I was looking at. How freakin cool is that!?!


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