Friday, 27 June 2008

My baby has eyes...

My baby went to the groomers for the first time todayMy eyes filled up when I saw him, I could actually see his eyes and he was gorgeous. When I fetched him he had a top notch in, but his hair is still a tad short for it to stay in, but I will persist with it, cause we'll see his beautiful big soppy brown eyes then. I had a brilliant comment made on my grooming him, which I was rather pleased with, smug look on face I can tell you.
They did a fantastic job, so pleased and we will certainly be going back again.


  1. He looks very handsome. I keep having to trim Max's fur round his eyes so he can see. We keep saying we need to book him in for a proper hair do but haven't got round to it yet. If Max comes out looking as gorgeous as Wicket I think it may have to be done!

  2. Wow! He is a cutie!!! Our doggie had fur around his eyes like that and I would cut it off so we could see his eyes.

  3. Deanne

    He is adorable it looks like he's smiling up at the camera!!


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