Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Well today is my buddies baby girls birthday - so happy birthday Lexie... sweet ickle thing she is.My parents still have my boys - and my little baby boy is poorly!!!!!! Last Thursday we went to Kids Play (local indoor play area) for a couple of hours and since then he came out in small blisters, asked Mum to take him to the doctors and hey presto, my precious little fella has 'impetigo'
I feel dreadful, for not been there, for not stopping this from happening, for not been able to give him a huggle!! Mum told me to shut it and that he was fine and happy where he is, still playing, still eating, still smiling - doesnt stop me worrying though.

So I started to feel a tad alone and looked through some old photos!Believe it or not I was only about 5 (yes FIVE) months pregnant here carrying Riley!!! I was blooming huge..... and hated it....
but god I miss my little man right now x


  1. Hey de xx
    Thought for a minute you were really preggers and thought you had kept that a BIG secret!
    Thanks for siging the petition - im truly grateful xx

  2. Aww Deanne hope your wee one gets better soon! chin up and big hugs!



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