Monday, 10 November 2008

Catch up!

Playing catch up feel like I've missed days blogging but just checked and i havent really! duh

Sunday - We took a drive to Leicester for a shopping trip, ended up more like a walk round as nothing caught our eye, until I came across Habitat that is :) smiles galore hehehe
got a gorgeous ornament for the christmas tree! and some gorgeous gift wrap that as soon as I saw it I knew that that was my next crafting project! :) So watch this space

In the evening we watched this and it was awesome, we love anything Marvel in this house and this has to be one of the best films I've seen yet, Jack was giggling most of the way through it! and I was like 'ooh ahh' :) A must watch film, and it was on blu ray which made it all the more better, or so Tel kept saying anyways!
Our challenge blog went live last night, quickly go and check it out, TIME is against you else!!!

Today - School run for Jack then I got Cazz to come with me on a possible nursery visit for Riley, Oh My God! It was dire, I cant quite put into words what I saw but it was truly dire, depressing and dirty!!! My son will not be going there whether its for 3 hours or not! Urgh...
I have a wedding stationery delivery to do tonight and we have Tels dad staying over as I have to take him to hospital in the morning ready for his operation.
Thats all folks for now x

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