Friday, 7 November 2008

Tell all Tuesday!

yes I know its Friday but I'm a bit behind like that!! You'll get use to it :)
The lovely Emma over at Jellybelly Jellybrain is having a tell all Tuesday so I thought I'd join in like my life isnt busy enough but hey :)

The question - When was the last time you were disappointed?

Recently I purchased a tumble dryer as my trusty old one really had seen better days, and the fact everything was coming out wet was another sign the thing had died :(

So I purchased a cool new one - or so I thought - it sounds like I'm standing next to a aeroplane about ready to fly off!!! The tv has to be turned up to nearly 40 so we can hear it!!! I cant have it on at night because it wakes Riley up and I cant have it on through the night because I cant sleep with it on!!!! This is the bugger....
So never and I mean NEVER purchase a hotpoint condenser tumble dryer - you will regret it for the rest of your days - to the point that we are now considering buying another new quieter one!!!
Thats all from me folks :)
Have a good weekend x


  1. I have a condenser drier hun and it doesn't sound anything like that!

    I'm a real scaredy pants and wouldn't have mine on through the night anyway since our old one burst into flames - lucky it was in the garage - unlucky Will was working 2-10pm and Freya was a babe in arms! Never seen me dump a baby on her 5 year old brother so quickly while I ran for the neighbours!

  2. Sorry you are not happy with your new puchase. It does sound rather loud are you sure it's not faulty?


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