Monday, 1 December 2008


Well before its officially the 2nd I shall quickly bid a huge welcome to the 1st December :)
I love December, not only because its my birthday month, but its christmas month and its the month we all wait with anticipated breath as to whether its going to SNOW or now!
I love Snow, like alot, I like wrapping up in huge chunky (quirky - private joke!) layers and making angels in the snow ;) ~ dont you ~ ;)*obviously not my angel as we never get enough blooming snow to do one that good! thanks again to google*

Today has been a mixture of feelings
A high as I spent the morning in Jacks school on art and craft day, getting covered in glitter and glue, and then having a scared moment when I realised the kids only wanted me to go in the playground so they could chase me down! I decided for the coffee route at that point!

A low with banking errors - curse the goddam banking here!!!!

A low cause the book sale was ~well ~ crap!

and a huge high after I checked Jacks book bag and noticed that he is now a Free Reader, I squealed with delight :) bless my little monster he has just shot up recently and its gone so quick and I feel like I'm missing it.

In Art and Craft today he was glitter glue mad, so I questioned him about this, his reply
'Well it is Christmas Mummy'
What kind of a reply could I give to that, I just looked at his teacher and smiled, lol.

Cazz and I have a very exciting christmas shopping trip planned for Friday here, lots of latte breaks I believe :)
Oooh and did I mention that we've booked tickets for June to see these
we are sooo excited already, lol, which is quite funny considering I didnt really like them when they were out the first time, but they have defo matured well!! lol

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