Wednesday, 3 December 2008


well whilst writing this I'm 28 mins off been 34!!! Wow how the years have flown by...
More of that tomorrow tho :)

I still need to find a break in the daylight and crap light to take my photo for our challenge blog!!! My bauble is all ready and waiting Rosie!!! Daylight is failing me..

Over at Paper Craft Junkies we're hosting a Christmas fat page swop, so's at the end of it we get a lovely chrimbo mini book of each others creations. Mine all went in the post today with a few little extras tooAlso winging there way is a commissioned order for 4 bridesmaids cards, hope she likes themToday I looked after my mates daughter as she was poorly this morning so couldnt go to school, so after she'd done a bit of homework, I was at the crafting (dining) table and asked her if she'd like to join me, yay, so we made two very different tree decorations, which I'll show here tmz.

oooh only ten mins left, better go get me last 33 year old beauty sleep x


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  2. Awe sorry I have nearly missed your birthday Dee but you can still have a HIPPY HOPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! xxx

  3. I forgot to say Happy Belated Birthday Deanne, sorry its my age!

  4. What I'd give to be 34 again!!

    Hope you had a great day. xxx


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