Friday, 5 December 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Today was our Christmas Shopping trip (mine and Cazz's that is), we started our day off all excited with a chrimbo cd in the car heading our way down/across to Spalding, gets there and ... umm, wasnt what we expected!
We begain in Costa - obviously - my gorgeous ickle fella came along with us and he was brilliant, considering he spent most of the day sitting down he didnt moan once :)After walking around what seemed like 'THE' hottest ever garden centre on the planet earth, we toddled around some other shops to come across a gorgeous gathering of ducksnow I wouldnt mention this normally (as I am a magnet for this kind of thing) but seems as Cazz (my dearest friend I believed) has posted it all over facebook! I may as well state it here, what truly happened.

I thought to myself what lovely ducks, 'look Riley, look at the lovely ducks, Mummy shall take a picture of them'

As I bent down to get in closer (as instructed by the lovely Kirsty - who I may never forgive for that instruction) I felt 'something' at my rear end! yes this pesky little fella pecked my arse (to be frank) I laughed, Cazz wet herself and some women we didnt even know chuckled for awhile!!!
I was considering having Duck for christmas rather than the traditional turkey but it can sod off now :)

Another suggestion for the day made was as we were chrimbo shopping lets be festive, so we wore these all day - yes - ALL DAY - lol
We left Spalding and headed for Peterborough and got cracking full on with the pressies, a great day had by all, am shattered and back is sore as sore can be now x


  1. Thanks so much for posting the pic of a windswept me!! lol Have to say that duck pecking your arse was THE best and funniest thing for at least a week! (you don't half get yourself into some situations honey!!! roflmao!!)

    And by the way where is the pic of you wearing your boppers?

  2. I can't believe that the duck bit your arse! It's beak doesn't look big enough lmfao!!!!!!!


  3. That sounds like a lot of fun Deanne, and the duck must have known what you were thinking and tried to put you off!


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