Thursday, 4 December 2008

Thank you

I've had lots of messages on here and on facebook wishing me a lovely birthday so thank you thank you thank you..
Sadly as you get older and you have kids your birthday kinda goes on the back burner sometimes dont you agree!
I've done the general mundane household tasks today, had coffee with friends, and a beavers committee meeting!
I've had some lovely pressies throughout the day though, some of which I'll have to photograph tmz now.

Tickets are booked to go and see this on the 19th December - woo hoo
Thisanimal panties!!! dont ask, my 'main' birthday gift off my best mate is coming at Christmas!! God only knows... lol Rosie popped over with a box full of crafting goodness this evening which was just lovely :)
and a beautiful Orchid which I will try to photograph tmz!
Off Chrimbo shopping tmz, quite excited about it actually, gonna go through the winter wonderland walk and take Riley to see Santa!! Ummm I can see the traditional kid screaming at Santa photo coming up! lol



  1. Why does the birthday take second place to being a Mother? we can all be individuals as well as part of a family because first of all in life we are individuals and not joined at the hip to everybody else . We don't have to over indlge in paying huge ammounts of money for gifts and huge parties but there is no reason on this earth why you cannot enjoy yourself because you are a parent - unless of course you choose not to which will lead to you being bitter as you get older.

  2. Hope you had a great Birthday Deanne & enjoy your concerts when they come. :o)

    My DH is same day as yours!!


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