Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Tell all Tuesday

The lovely Emma's question this week is

When do you put your Christmas decorations up and how long do they stay up?

Well erm! When I was little because my birthday is the 4th I use to wake up to all the decorations and tree and kinda got use to that. As I've got older and considering I was heavily pregnant with both my boys through the Christmas period, the decs kinda got put up later and later...

I am currently (obv typing this but merely having a break) hacking at a real christmas tree! We had a few when I was a kid and I always remember treading in all the needles and not been impressed.
** Santa's grotto at Peterborough**
Our beauty of a tree at the moment is more like a bush! so my creative hands are on it and hacking the shit out of it :) A few hours later and its dec'd out lush :)
We generally keep the tree up till New Year time, then its day of packing stuff up for another year.
I would like to add I hate, cannot abide flimsy dangly shit from my ceiling! It makes me cringe I just cannot help it sorry. Emma has given me a great idea though as I'm sure Jack would love a tree in his room :) May surprise him with some goodies for that tmz.
Considering this post has taken me since tues eve to upload I'll show corners of my christmas home tmz.
Have you got your dec's up yet :)


  1. Brilliant! I'm gonna go out and buy even more 'dangly shit' for my ceilings just to bug you!!! Mwahahaha!!!

  2. ooh, say it like it is hun! hahahaha xx


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