Wednesday, 4 February 2009

at the flicks...

We are going through 'movie mode' at the moment which I think is great, over the last few weeks its been so chilly outside so we've been cuddling up together as a family under a duvet with goodies on the sofa or in the evenings with just the two of us, spending some well deserved quality time snuggled up and just chilling watching a flick.
We've watched loads of great oldies and some excellent new ones too :)

One night sadly I made Tel watch this - spasm spasm lol, every time I eat cheese it just reminds me of this movie, this is one of my all time favourite chick flick feel good movieWe all watched this and it was awesome, a fantastic 'family' movie with the kids
and as a couple we watched this and wow, I dont know what I was expecting but I loved it, this guy is a great actor, my stomach was flipping the whole time, loved it :)

anyone got any other great movies to offer up :) x


  1. hi gorge
    just chekcing in to see you!

    have a great day :)

    PS: we are are off to see bolt this weekend!

  2. Hubby and I have seen Eagle Eye and we luv'd it. I like Shia. Have you seen Disturbia? He was good in it and funny.



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