Friday, 3 April 2009

busy busy busy

So busy today, I've been up the allotment (muddy boots has been updated with photos) picked Riley up from nursery and he's not feeling very well, he's got an upset tummy bless him.
I'm taking my Etsy goodies to a ladies night in Rothwell tonight so hopefully will have some sales :)
and then tomorrow I'm off to Kings Lynn for the girlie get together and have a ton of things to remember to take with me!

Jack breaks up for easter holidays today, so making a scarecrow for the alloment is top of the boys crafty list and hopefully weather permitting some trips to the parks, and then hopefully a trip to Nannys for a few days.

So I hope your weekend is packed full of fun and I'll update when I get back.
ttfn x

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  1. Hope you get some sales tonight Deanne. :) & Riley is soon feeling better.

    The scarecrow sounds fun but your girlie get together sounds TERRIFIC! Have a fabby time. Gez. xx


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