Thursday, 2 April 2009

Who'd have thought

not me thats for sure
Yesterday was Jack's parents evening, he's doing really well and is at the stage of learning of where he should be in Year 2.

But and theres a big but! Back at the end of reception and the beginning of Year 1, I was still majorly concerned with his reading, he just didnt get it! Then from the middle of Year 1, the school brought in Read Write Inc and well... it was a gift sent from the heavens because Jack just thrived on it, he became a free reader well before Christmas and is now top of his class, she explained its not just because he can read well, its because he understands the comprehension, and if asked a question about whats just been read, he can answer it.

So Momma was full of smiles and even more cuddles than usual when I heard that.

Its nice also that the teacher said its obvious that we do things at home with him, because she can tell and it helps so much with his understanding.

Again one proud Momma and Papa and baby brother here :)

I mean he's still cute now but look at him back in reception - awwww - I cried for THREE days when he started school


  1. WOW! You have every right to be proud. :o) Sounds like you've both worked very hard. Congrats. xx

  2. What a clever boy! No wonder you're proud x

  3. Yaah Way to go...Your little boy is Gorgeous Deann...
    You must be one proud Momma for sure:)
    Have a lovely Friday:)

  4. nutmegclick here from etsy - you've a beautiful family and lovely creations!


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