Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sacrewell Farm

This is a photo heavy post of our day out at Sacrewell Farm the sun was shining hot which was great and we had a huge picnic to keep us nice and full :) Lots of walking around and interaction with feeding the animals:)
Jack enjoyed the tractor!
This little fella chased me after the food lol - umm I have a problem with ducks dont I (see here)
A gorgeous and very friendly Lincoln longwool and his name was Humby Kipling lol
The farm is also a Shire Horse Centre and just look at this beauty
The pigs were boring as they didnt come out to play but it was hot I suppose so I'll let them off ;)Riley's best part of the day (apart from lunch lol) was this
Their new baby calfs - awwwwwwwwwww
and Jacks sheep won the Lamb National and he won a creme egg :)
We came home to a smokin bbq! quite literally but we had a fun day :)


  1. You certainly had the weather for it chick!


  2. Wow what a fab day out. The shire horse looks handsome. Mmmmm...I can almost smell the barbi! Hope it was yummy..xx

  3. Fab photos, Riley is so sweet milking that cow, looks like he may have got a lot on him and not in the bucket!

    Cazzy x


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