Monday, 24 August 2009

Craft Table 2!

Umm remember my post here about the girls craft table, well Cazz came round Saturday night and we did have a laugh and craft the night away, yes literally until 2.30 in the morning!!!Now the deal is I always sit in the middle and Cazz always sits on the end! and then she laughs about not having much room! oh well lol
I'm off to get my new table on Wednesday and I will no longer be a dining table crafter after that! woo hoo how exciting :)


  1. That pic does not do the table justice as to the amount of space you had and the postage stamp area I had! lolol

    So that people reading your blog get a proper feel for the little bit was from the glue/double sided tape you can just about see, to the edge of the table...see not much space is there? Deannes space however is from the glue/double sided sticky tape to off the picture, because she didn't get the whole table in! I didn't complain though and I never do because Deanne has a habit of lashing out at me if I critisise her and she scares me! pmsl!!!!!!

  2. scary me, no never, AM I CAZZ!!! lol xxx

  3. maybe you should get two tables Deanne and then there will be no complaints. :)

  4. no point Julia....she'd still use most of my table as well! lolol


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