Monday, 24 August 2009

The Week ahead

After Rileys morning at nursery I'm taking the boys to my parents for a few days :( I am going to miss them tons I know, but I have a list longer than my arm of stuff that I 'am' going to get done whilst they are gone :)
Wednesday - Ikea and then home to put finishing touches to craft room (minus shelves on wall thats man of house department! lol)
Thursday - Allotment, weather is suppose to be good for then so hopefully I will be up there all day :) (nipping home to loo tho as there isnt one up there and there's no way i'm squating not with the amount of bugs up there - yuk lol)
Friday - no idea so far for the day time but i'm out for the evening with the girls, a meal, wine and chinwag, great stuff
and then my boys are home on Saturday :)
Just finished baking a batch of courgette muffins and cranberry muffins :)


  1. Enjoy your week and hope you get everything done. The muffins sound delish!!!

  2. I have never heard of courgette muffins Deanne!

    Cazzy x

  3. I will expect my muffins in the post or hand delivered would be better


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