Wednesday, 26 August 2009


do we get excited about going to certain stores! I like going to Next to look at the kids clothes as there just so gorgeous, me and my best buddy love going to Tesco now only cause there's a Costa Coffee in there! but today is the ultimate treat

No kids

Just me, me best mate, the open road (well the motorway) and this place

visits to this store are so few and far between that we feel like kids in a sweet shop :) we are sooooooooo ubber excited and we are spending the day there!

Watch out Coventry - here we come :)


  1. Lucky you I haven't been to one of those for donkeys years. Mind you I think I would spend a fortune if I was let loose in the right now!!! lol.

  2. hmmm... lucky you. I'll just work, will I?

  3. Ikea! You are allowed to get excited about Ikea! It's exciting lol! It appears lots in the film 500 Days of Summer (Empire film magazine were ranting about the number of scenes it in lol)

  4. I understand. Am trying to be cool about a trip we HAVE to make to southampton branch this weekend..DH and DD loathe the place and DD needs furniture and so we have to go. Once in there, they HAVE to let me browse, huh! Hope you've had a great day!

  5. We had an awesome day!!! I'm sure Deanne will blog it soon....but it was brill...we laughed so much we nearly wet ourselves!!! lol


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