Monday, 12 March 2012


does so much doesnt it!
We had so much glorious sunshine yesterday we didnt know where to start with it! so off to the car bootie was the start and then on to the play area for the boys to have a good run around after.
Home for lunch and it felt so spring like I dusted off one of my glass jugs for squash at the table whilst we ate our lunch
After that I started dreaming about where I want our garden to go and how it can be usefull for us! So I sat down for some time drawing up sketches of the garden and flicking through garden books for suitable shrubs to plant away with - I'm happy with the list so far so cant wait to make a start

Then we blitzed the garage! purely because we were looking for mr qb motorcycle manual, too which i found in the house much later - but hey the garage is sparkling now!
Whilst in the garden I went to pick some daffs to put in the huge mug i found at the bootie but was stopped in my tracks by this beast! i mean how big! that there is a full size daffodil!!!!
I've been taking close up photos of our silver birch tree too as its needs sorting out, we cant decide whether to chop it down fully, a sad occassion of course but the roots are coming up through the ground now! or have it trimmed back properly by a tree surgeon!

Personally I like a tree house of sorts built in there! how fab would that be!

On a totally different note! I am *cough* 37 years old and I have never managed to cook an edible yorkshire pudding yet! but today was the day, I actually cried when these beauties came out of the oven! i was in awe of them, i will remember these yorkshires for ever ...
Just to add my little one is much better now, he's so good when he's poorly just carrys on like nothings happening bless him. Back to school today with a skip in his step xx

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