Thursday, 5 September 2013

There off

to school that is
I've spent the last few days making sure everything is named, ironed, bags ready, its a total mission and thats only for two boys!
Jack has started year 7, I really remember my first day at big school and the nerves were awful, thankfully Jack seemed quite calm about the whole affair, was a little nervous last night but otherwise he enjoyed his day and has a lot of new lessons to look forward too

I've been enjoying the cool evenings by walking our pooch after dinner to clear my head and get some much needed fresh air
I seem to run better with a structure, so now that school has started again I can organise myself around those times - phew

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  1. There's nothing more daunting that starting secondary school. Excitement is high, but nerves too. Hope it went well and you didn't cry too much. Where did that summer go?
    Hugs, Katie x


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