Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Hygge February

My month of Hygge has finished
What I've realised is that I already do so much of what is classed as Hygge! I just wanted to become more aware of it and my surroundings
I've learnt how much I love my candles and low lighting, how much I love to curl up on the sofa with the pooch, moggie or boys with a pile of cushions and a throw, I've learnt how much I love to bake and try new foods, how much I love to create and try out new crafts, how much I love fresh flowers in the house and how much family and friends mean to me

All of this I already did, but just didn't realise the importance of it on my health and wellbeing and its made me welcome more of it into my lifestyle

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  1. I know it's the word of the moment and I did consider using it as my one little word for 2017, but I think you're right .... a lot of us already did have a Hygge. Lifestyle without thinking of naming it


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