Thursday, 10 September 2015


Life is getting tougher, some days its really tough and other days its just a little tough
I cannot quite frankly fit everything in so other things fall to the sidelines!

I have two growing boys that need my attention at home
I have a small handmade business that doesnt seem to be doing anything at the moment as I cant quite focus on anyone thing!
I worry about silly things and peoples opinions of me all the time!!!

So I'm cutting back on things that I may well love but do take up so much of my time in the doing and the thinking of them
This blog is one of them ...

I've made fabulous friends and had a blast writing blog posts but I do believe that its come to the end of the road for me as sometimes Im just duplicating photos that i've put instagram (quirkyboots)

So this is goodbye, its been a tough decision to make x

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  1. Time to focus on more important things. Your blog will be waiting if you come back, so don't worry xx


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